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The Association of Belgian Horticultural Auctions, commonly known as VBT, was formed on May 28, 1991 from VCTV, the Association of Cooperative Horticultural Auctions, and FCTV, the Federation of Cooperative Horticultural Auctions.
VBT is a non-profit organisation, that defends the interests of the marketing cooperatives for fruit and vegetables.

In September 2010, a reformulation of the mission was approved. Early 2011, VBT started off as renewed sector organisation with a modified name, namely the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives.


VBT represents and defends, both nationally and internationally, the interests of Belgian producer cooperatives in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Where necessary VBT works in conjunction with other organisations, federations or relevant stakeholders.
VBT also offers its members a platform for consultation and exchange of views.

Further, VBT provides sector-relevant information to its members and may, in specific domains, act as service provider.

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